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Crypto Exchange Poloniex Dumps Eight Underperforming Coins

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex is delisting eight coins: BitcoinDark (BTCD), Bitmark (BTM), Einsteinium, (EMC2), Gridcoin (GRC), NeosCoin (NEOS), PotCoin (POT), VeriCoin (VRC) and BitcoinPlus (XBC). The announcement was made today, September 19, 2018. The coins will be delisted on September 25, 2018, and the exchange says that traders have 30 days to close out trades and […]

Hong Kong–Based Blockchain Fund Makes Its Case for Yen-Backed Stablecoin

Grandshores Technology Group, a Hong Kong–listed investment holding company, is seeking to raise around $12.7 million through a digital token fund, according to reports from the South China Morning Post (SCMP). Grandshores Technology plans to use the funding to launch a yen-backed stablecoin. Chinese investor Yongjie Yao, who currently chairs Grandshores Technology, is also a […]

Berkeley Professor Questions Stablecoin Viability in Unflattering Op-Ed

University of Berkeley Professor Barry Eichengreen has taken a swipe at the viability of stablecoins in an op-ed published on Project Syndicate. The critique, entitled “The Stable-Coin Myth,” argues stablecoins are not automatically “viable” just because they are pegged to an asset, though Eichengreen does believe they have an advantage over “conventional cryptocurrencies” such as […]

Huobi Enters Japanese Market With BitTrade Acquisition

Huobi Japan Holding Ltd. has acquired a majority stake in Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BitTrade, marking the top-three exchange’s formal entry into the Japanese market. BitTrade, which is one of the 16 government-approved crypto exchanges in the country, announced the news yesterday, September 12, 2018. Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) began issuing exchange operating licenses in […]