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Blockstream’s Liquid Network for “High Value” Bitcoin Payments Is Live

The Liquid Network is up and running. More than a year after its conceptual introduction at the Blockchain Association of Canada’s Government Forum in Ottawa, Blockstream’s bitcoin scaling solution made its public debut on October 10, 2018, after going live among its partners on September 27. Described by its creators as “an inter-exchange settlement network,” […]

Bitcoin as a Privacycoin: This Tech is Making Bitcoin More Private

Ever since its inception Bitcoin has never really been private. Although Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper suggests privacy was a design goal of the protocol, government agencies, analytics companies and other interested parties — let’s call them “spies” — have ways to analyze the public blockchain and peer-to-peer network, to cluster Bitcoin addresses and tie them […]

Pay From Bitcoin Mainnet to Lightning and Back: Submarine Swaps Are Now …

In order to make payments on the lightning network — Bitcoin’s second layer solution for instant and cheap transactions — users must first fund lightning channels. This process, however, creates a slight disconnect between lightning users and on-chain users. Lightning users can pay lightning users, and on-chain users can pay on-chain users, but they can’t […]

Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol Mainnet Now Available for …

The Breeze Wallet with the Breeze Privacy Protocol public mainnet has been released and is now open to the public. The wallet showcases Stratis technology — a platform built for visual basic apps and blockchain solutions — and places heavy emphasis on both privacy and security for businesses seeking to implement business-to-business (B2B) transactions on […]

Achieving Truly Useful Proof of Work: Toby Simpson of

What’s the best that can happen? That’s the focus of in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Episode 025 of the What Bitcoin Did podcast featured a wide-ranging conversation between host Peter McCormack and Fetch co-founder/CTO Toby Simpson about both best-case and worst-case outcomes for AI. But it wasn’t all speculation: developments with Fetch […]